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2020 Officially Bleak Enough to Be Part of The DCEU


It is no doubt that with an active pandemic that has no end in sight and political division at an all-time high, 2020 has been what scientists are technically referring to as “depressing”. With that in mind it should be no surprise that Warner Brothers is currently in the early stages of franchising 2020 to add it to its slate of DC Extended Universe films.

“A lot of people turn to comic books for their bright eyed optimism, but not us at Warner Brothers. We prefer bleak, monochromatic grunting. So when it became apparent to us that 2020 was filled with gloom and very little happiness we thought it’d be perfect to join our slate of projects,” President of DC Films Walter Hamada began during the press call. “2020 really fits with what we are trying to build in our DC film universe. But we may need a new creative at the helm because in all honesty Zach Snyder may be too optimistic a visionary to helm this project. His version of Watchmen was wishful thinking for the political landscape. So we’ve assembled a team of angry teenagers to write and direct 2020. There are about twelve of them and while they’re not technically ‘writing’ it, they’ve been screaming story ideas at court stenographers we hired to get it all down. We've gone through several stenographers so far, they’re all very sad.”

Hamada and the DC brass feel excited at the prospect of working with a story that is already deeply entrenched in a feeling of despair.

“Take Superman for example. We were given source material that was rooted in 'hope' and ‘optimism’, but as you saw with Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman, we sucked all of the joy out of there and replaced it with plenty of angst, guilt and Mom names, which we really enjoyed,” Hamada boasted. “When I recently overheard someone refer to 2020 as the ‘BvS of years’ I realized we need to make this, and we're confident we can capture that soul-crushing dreariness of 2020 pretty well.”

Thus far Hamada and Warner Bros have been pretty quiet in terms of casting for their untitled project based on the year 2020, but sources close to the studio have reported that Mel Gibson and Kevin Spacey have been approached about roles due to their ability to match the tone of 2020 and the DCEU.

2020 is expected to hit theatres if they ever reopen.


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