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Jason Todd Can’t Emphasize Enough How Important It Is To Vote


Former Robin, Jason Todd, is the latest superhero to come forward to promote the importance of voting this election.

“It can save lives, and I do not mean that as a metaphor, it can literally save lives. Trust me, I know,” said Jason in an interview with the Daily Planet’s Clark Kent. “And I’m not just talking about voting in federal elections, vote in EVERYTHING! Street surveys, American Idol, contests to name boats, no matter how trivial it may seem, even if it’s a poll in the back of a comic book, it’s all really important.”

Jason reiterated that everyone should register to vote early and also mark the election day clearly in your calendar as part of your voting plan.

“I’m ashamed to admit that there was a time when I thought voting didn’t matter. I was young, naïve, living in a cave, following around an eccentric bat vigilante. I only knew 2 things; Batman would protect me, and one vote can’t make a difference. I was very wrong on both of those things. I didn’t bother to vote once and man, those results felt like a crowbar to the face, and then a bomb to the remaining parts of my body.”

Red Hood wearing a "Vote or Die" t-shirt.
"Vote or Die is not just a saying," says the Red Hood.

Mr. Kent went on to ask Jason if he had a message for any young people who might be dismayed by the results of voting in the past.

“Every chance to vote is a clean slate and history will not always repeat itself. Look at me, you bastards voted to kill me but here I am now, alive and mentally unwell. Things change. It might not be the same as before, it might not be as progressive or quick as you want, you may suffer severe psychological trauma along the way, but things do change.”

Jason then revealed that he will be donating five million dollars to voter registration initiatives across the country. When Mr. Kent asked if the donated money was from Bruce Wayne or if Jason had stolen it from mobsters, Jason gave the “shh” symbol and told the reporter not to worry about it.

Register or confirm your voter registration, request an absentee ballot, and find more voter information today at


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