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Hey guys, so you may know that we have a Patreon that you can donate to in order to help us keep doing what we do here at From Superheroes. WELL, for the month of May we’ll be doing a fun bonus where every new Patron we get can choose a word from DC’s Super Dictionary and we’ll share it with all of you. What exactly is the Super Dictionary? Well, this article gives a pretty great breakdown, but it’s best to let the Super Dictionary speak for itself. For example, if we get forty new patrons we would be very pleased and possibly shed a tear.

We’ve got the whole dictionary available at our fingertips, so if you want to get a personalized word just head on over to our Patreon and become one of our patrons! You also get special bonuses at each level, like Texts From The Future, access to a behind the scenes stream, bonus podcasts and more!

No matter what, thanks for being our fans and enjoying what we do. It really means a lot, so donate if you can, but also take care of yourself.

EDIT: We are nearing our first Patreon goal! If we hit it then all current patrons will receive three exclusive Texts From Superheroes that will be for patron-enjoyment only and never run on the site. So donate now to get a chance for even more amazing bonus content this month!

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