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National Comic Book Day: Top 10 Comic Picks

To celebrate National Comic Book Day our co-creators Andrew and Diana have made a combined list of their Top 10 Favorite Graphic Novels of all time. So if you haven’t read any of these beauties get to stepping to your local comic book store and check them out!

10. Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 1 


Just what it says on the tin, this is the legendary run of Captain America that marked the return of Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier and the direct inspiration for the very, very excellent film adaptation.

9. Original Sin


A grievously underrated event book, Original Sin was one of the most fun and accessible universe-spanning stories Marvel ever put out. The plot? Someone killed the Watcher and now multiple teams of heroes are trying to figure out who. It’s a 616 murder mystery that’s tons of fun!

8. Immortal Iron Fist


Iron Fist has been around for a long time but this run by Fraction, Aja and Brubaker is held as the greatest Iron Fist series of all time, and we agree, introducing the Immortal Weapons, Orson Randall and the Book of the Iron Fists.

7. Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1


Just a great Spider-Man book from Vol. 1 until pretty much the end of the Ultimate universe. If you love wallcrawlers, this is a great read.

6. Saga Vol. 1


For something a little different, Saga is the story of two star-crossed lovers on the run across the galaxy with an amazing amount of heart, reality, fantasy and humor mixed in.

5.  The Long Halloween


A murderer that kills only on holidays. Can Batman solve it? Well yeah, obviously, but HOW?!

4. Y: The Last Man

Another Brian K. Vaughan classic that you simply won’t be able to put down. The mysteries of the world will pull you in just as much as the loveable characters and heartrending story.

3. No Man’s Land Vol. 1

Gotham is destroyed by something Batman could never stop, an earthquake. He’s forced to help rebuild his city from the ground up with the help of the entire bat-family. A wonderfully original story and incredible look into Batman’s psyche.

2. Hawkeye Vol. 1

It’s hard to explain just what makes Fraction and Aja’s Hawkeye run so good. It’s funny and simple but also incredibly complex under the surface. Just a great read.

1. Red Son

An Elseworlds story that asks what would happen if Superman landed in the Ukraine instead of Kansas. I read this comic over a decade ago and think about the ending almost once a week. Also Batman wears a silly hat!


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