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The Villain Was Right: Runaway Bride


For our January Audience Choice episode we discuss the Julia Roberts/Richard Gere rom-com. A movie where both main characters are the villain and both are right about the other being a terrible person...until they inexplicably fall in love.

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May 07, 2023

One thing that bothered me about this story (amongst many) was the flack chucked entirely at all the ex-fiancés. They weren't blameless, and some were downright scummy, but Maggie absolutely went out of her way to deceive them and mold her character to who she thought they wanted her to be every single time.

It is true that she had no idea who she was and what she wanted, but it is equally true that she gave these guys no chance to figure that out either. They would get to the alter with the guy thinking things are peachy, and her realizing that things are untenable. I can see this being something that happens once, but she does it over…

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