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The Fandom Show: Wrestling w/ Callum Wratten


DING DING! Grab a folding chair and pretend to hit someone with it because today we’re talking to comedian and writer, Callum Wratten (he/him), about the worldwide phenomena that is two parts of athleticism and one part pure spectacle: WRESTLING! We get into the origins of pro-wrestling as a sport (and yes, it did have to do with gambling), the commonalities between pro-wrestlers and drag queens, and the massive spectrum of wrestling styles that you can find around the world, from Mexican Lucha to New Japan Wrestling. Plus, we learn a little bit about the most and least common wrestling moves (including ‘blading’ - the one that once made Kyah faint), and some WILD soap-opera style storylines that feature everything from poison and eyepatches to emotional family reunions.


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