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The Fandom Show: Sneakers w/ Yaw Attuah


This week we’re talking to comedian and collector, Yaw Attuah (he/him) about the wearable artform (that some collectors don’t wear); Sneakers! We learn about the sneaker basics like silhouettes and colourways, the major manufacturers and designers, and the difference between a ‘sneakerhead’ and a ‘hypebeast’. We get into the nostalgia that drives sneaker culture, the massive microeconomy behind flipping kicks, how many shoes does the ‘average’ sneakerhead have, and what it means to search for your ‘Grail’. Plus some insight into what it means to wear Yeezys and whether you can enjoy the shoe without supporting his views.

Listen on: Apple Podcasts | Direct Download | Spotify | Stitcher

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