Thanks to Vessi Footwear

Shout out to our friends at Vessi who sent us their reality defying shoes that are completely waterproof and wonderfully breathable.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Vessi shoes are incredible.

● 100% waterproof/weatherproof knit sneaker – (seriously, we stepped in SO MANY puddles and stayed completely dry)

● Breathable – (patented material lets the sweat and heat escape keeping your toes fresh, which doesn’t even make sense cause they are legit waterproof HOW DID YOU DO THIS?)

● Highly stretchy – (fits like a sock so you’ll barely notice you’re wearing anything at all)

● 100% Vegan

● Grip for all-weather

● Anti-microbial insoles – (keeps your feet fresh)

To experience the world’s first 100% waterproof knit show visit

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