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David Hayter’s Hot Take: “Kojima was trying to kill Snake”


David Hayter appeared on The Fandom Show Podcast this week to take a deep dive into Metal Gear Solid with hosts Kyah Green and Stephanie Malek.

During the interview David touched on a range of Metal Gear topics, including the unending complexity of Hideo Kojima’s mind, pitching a Metal Gear movie in 2006, and the evolution of Snake’s voice over the years.

Things got spicy when David revealed his hottest take regarding the Metal Gear franchise is that he believes Hideo Kojima has been trying to kill Solid Snake ever since Metal Gear 2. David made it clear that this is just his interpretation of the series, and not anything he learned from Hideo Kojima himself. But it’s certainly a hot take for those familiar with the series.

His full response is below, and the full interview can be heard here.

“Stephanie: What is your hottest take on Metal Gear Solid?

David: Here’s what I think and this is only what I think. This is my opinion, I know nothing for real. I think that Hideo Kojima created Solid Snake because he loved Escape from New York and because he loved Alien and he wanted to create a character like that. Then, once it became so huge and made him a massive, massive game developer he wanted to do other things, and they wouldn’t let him do other things, they made him come back again and again – once he thought he was out, they pulled him back in. And so I feel like, and I’m the only person that I know that has ever said this, I feel like he was trying to kill Snake from Metal Gear 2 onward. In Metal Gear 2, Snake isn’t the main player character, he’s the mentor and they bring in Raiden and I think Raiden – and this is my other hot take – I think Raiden is Hideo Kojima and the first time you saw him, everybody kind of hated Raiden. They were like, he’s not Snake and I wanted to play as Snake and so on and so forth, which I thought they might do. So in the next one Solid Snake doesn’t exist at all, it’s Big Boss, we’re in the past and we do this thing, so he gets to be Snake but it’s not really Snake and in the fourth one he accelerates his aging and it’s like, he’s trying his best to kill this character, just kill him, kill him dead and he just can’t do it because that’s what the public wants. So that’s my take, I believe that to be true.”

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