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Creator Spotlight: NOW MORE THAN EVER

It’s been a year in a global pandemic (where does the time not go). It’s been a tough time for getting things done, many of us tried to find new ways of being creative while alone, but most of us didn’t write our King Lear like we hoped. BUT, if your idea of King Lear is a comedian’s solo show with sketches like calling the bank while having a Monster Party, then sketch comedian Jon Blair did it, he wrote King Lear (and then he played all the characters).

This was exactly the content I had no idea I needed during the quarantine. Toronto based sketch comedian Jon Blair has been performing solo sketch comedy for years at live events and festivals in Canada and the US and this past year he’s transitioned to putting all that good solo humor onto Youtube. It’s like he’s been unintentionally preparing to create an internet sketch comedy show at this exact moment. This moment, or maybe in the 90’s sold on used VHS tapes at skate shops.

Jon Blair managed to create 3 full length episodes of a solo sketch show titled Now More Than Ever, with hilarious sketches about things like how to make a movie that is truly faithful to the video game, surviving a Dracula planet, and why wizards shouldn’t use axes. All episodes are available now on his YouTube channel or via this playlist and they’re all incredibly funny.

You should also follow Jon Blair on Twitter and Instagram for more quick comedy hits.


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