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SexLivesOfSuperheroes_FrontCover (Final High Res).jpg

Pages: 256

ISBN: 9781637745496

Publisher: Smart Pop Books

Distributed by Penguin Randomhouse

Sex Lives of Superheroes

By Diana McCallum


In stores November 19, 2024

About Sex Lives of Superheroes

Is sex with The Hulk technically a threesome? Does The Flash do everything faster? Has Wonder Woman really never faked an orgasm?

Explore these questions and more with this collection of speculative, comedic essays on how superpowers might affect the sex lives of famous superheroes. Based on genuine scientific research and both Marvel and DC comic book and movie canon (and more!), Sex Lives of Superheroes is a refreshingly frank and fun deep dive into the pros, cons, and plot twists of superpowered sex.

Drawing from biology, physics, psychology, and more to play out (wild, fictional) scenarios about superheroes' sex lives, this in-depth analysis will definitively answer your burning questions, including:

  • How does sex ed from the 1930s and 1940s stack up to today’s (and what does that mean for Captain America’s love life)?

  • Can Spider-Man do whatever a spider can . . . in bed?

  • Do factors like radiation, psychological stress, and tight spandex affect Batman’s sperm count?

  • Does Green Lantern prove that sex is better in space?

  • Would Wolverine’s healing factor make his sperm immortal?

  • What would sex be like with Daredevil’s enhanced senses?

  • Why did Dr. Strange's girlfriend cheat on him with Benjamin Franklin?

  • Wait, Superman made a porno?!

With interludes detailing some of the strangest sexcapades in superhero history, and the closest sexual equivalents we have in the real world, Sex Lives of Superheroes is a testament that sometimes life is even stranger than fiction (though not by much—comics are weird!). Stimulating in more ways than one, this provocative supplement to your favorite heroes’ lore is a hilarious and thought-provoking glimpse under the covers revealing everything you ever wanted to know about the Sex Lives of Superheroes.

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