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Patreon and the Super Dictionary

We mentioned last week that for the month of May all new patrons who support us on Patreon will receive personalized posts from DC’s Super Dictionary and we are a website of our word.

Our new patron Mike Brum requested the word Dinosaur, which unfortunately wasn’t included in the dictionary, so we pulled every post we could find that involved dinosaurs. Thanks Mike!

Laura Osgood also signed up to be our patron and requested we pick something fun so we wanted to let her know she is such a great person.

You are so much a great person Laura. Thanks for being our patron.

If you would like to get into the fun then check out our Patreon where you can support what we do on From Superheroes and get great rewards like Texts From The Future and extra episodes of our podcast.

We are also happy to announce we hit our first Patreon goal and all patrons will receive three exclusive Texts From Superheroes at the end of the month that will never run on the site! Lucky ducks. So sign up now for all this great bonus content.


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