Welcome to From Superheroes!

We’re proud to announce the launch of FromSuperheroes.com the official site of the From Superheroes Network and your one stop site for all your superhero comedy needs. From Superheroes will be an amalgamation of our three comedy outlets; our web comic Texts From Superheroes, our Youtube channel Sketch From Superheroes, and our brand new podcast Talk From Superheroes.

If you only like one or two of the things we do, (well, that’s crazy), but also don’t worry, each of these properties will still have their own dedicated sites that we will continue to maintain and update, From Superheroes will simply act as a hub where you can find all of our properties in one convenient location.

Here’s what you can expect every month:

– A new Sketch From Superheroes video the first Wednesday of every month.

– New episodes of the Talk From Superheroes podcast every Monday.

– New Texts From Superheroes comics every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

We’re excited to keep growing and keep providing you with all the superhero-related comedy you can handle and hope you enjoy the new site!

Diana and Andrew

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