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The Villain Was Right: Chicago


An overworked prosecutor attempts to bring down two cold-blooded murders seeking to profit from their heinous crimes. In his way is rich, hot-shot lawyer Billy Flynn- a man unafraid to manipulate the press, the jury or to fabricate evidence. Can he use what little resources he has to fight a corrupt system, and bring justice to the city he loves?

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05 mai 2023

While I don't think "snapping gum" is incitement for murder, I am gonna play devil's advocate here. In many major blow-ups, the inciting incident is, from the outside, something exceptionally petty and small. It seems like a massive overreaction. When you look closely, it is more of a "straw that broke the camel's back' scenario", and the people involved are poor communicators, focusing on the most recent (small) incident, rather than all of the many incidents that have led to an immense build-up of rage and resentment that eventually snapped.

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