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The Fandom Show: Stardew Valley w/ Kat Letwin


Grab your backpack and head to the community center because today we’re talking to actor, writer and comedian Kat Letwin (she/her) about the beloved farming simulator and massive indie video game hit, STARDEW VALLEY. We discuss the WILD amount of detail, magic and pathos that you can discover as you play the game, chat about the creator, Concerned Ape, who programmed, designed and wrote the game almost entirely by himself and discuss the different playstyles Kat has tried including ‘romancing everyone so they get jealous and turn on you’ and ‘Capitalist’. Plus, Kyah and Steph explain how one of their playthroughs, a co-op farm, accidentally became a mildly satanic blood cult complete with sacrifices, matching robes and a very haunted child. Whoops!


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