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Kyah Green Voted Best Podcast Host In Canada for The Fandom Show!


We are proud to announce that our very own Kyah Green has been voted Best Podcast Host in Canada by the Canadian Podcast Awards for their work on The Fandom Show! Congratulations Kyah! It is well deserved.

Kyah hosts The Fandom Show alongside their co-host Stephanie Malek, a show where they interview their favorite people about their favorite fandoms in a joyous exploration of the things people love and why.

You can also hear Kyah on Comedians in Dungeons Getting Dragons, a Dungeons & Dragons liveplay podcast also available on the From Superheroes Network. That's double the best host in Canada, every month! You're welcome.

Kyah is the second podcast host on the From Superheroes Network to be voted Best Host in Canada. Jocelyn Geddie, host of I Hate It But I Love It, won the award in 2020. We are very proud of them both.




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