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The Walking Dead Somehow Both Renewed and Cancelled at the Same Time


AMC announced that they will be ending their hit show The Walking Dead after its upcoming 11th season. This came as a shock to some fans who say they thought it would never end, while others were surprised that it was still on at all.

Alongside the news that The Walking Dead is ending, AMC also announced they will be doing a new spin-off series starring Daryl and Carol. These fan favourite characters are the only original cast members left on The Walking Dead flagship series and they’ll be reprising their same roles, in the same universe on the air quote “new” show. Fans and critics alike have tried to point out to AMC that the main characters from the main series, continuing their main story, is just the original show and not a spin-off, to which the creators said they know what a spin-off is, we’ve done a dozen of these already. When asked how this spin-off will differ from the flagship series an AMC spokesperson had this to say:

“I think what fans are going to really love is that it’s legally different from The Walking Dead flagship show. We sold streaming and international rights to The Walking Dead when it was new and signed some terrible contracts, just awful. So we wanted to bring viewers a brand new show, that’s just like the old one, that we can sell at a higher price, and for union reasons we can pay the people who work on it less. We’ve been testing the idea of this spin-off series for awhile with focus groups, and it’s been getting rave reviews. Most of our test groups say it’s technically different, a move of accounting genius, and barely legal. Our focus groups are mostly lawyers with a few accountants for diversity. Diverse voices matter to us.”

There have been whispers from industry insiders that AMC plans to slowly change to the Walking Dead Network. After the end of The Walking Dead AMC will still have Fear The Walking Dead, Walking Dead: The World Beyond, a new anthology called Tales of the Walking Dead, the Darryl and Carol spinoff, and three Rick Grimes movies. Which is about 100 hours of zombie content a year going forward, not including the constant Walking Dead marathons AMC already runs. Despite the zombie craze being well past its prime AMC executives say they “are confident that this franchise will never die, just like the zombies in our shows” (who die easily when stabbed, but whatever).

However, there are some dissenting voices among the ranks at AMC. Inside sources tell us, “There’s a group of us here at AMC who don’t love the company's direction of putting all our eggs in the zombie basket. Some of us think we should be a Breaking Bad only network. Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie all did great. There’s got to be more spin-offs there. How about Breaking Good? In the same universe but a meth dealer becomes a science teacher and cures cancer. Is that anything?”

The Walking Dead currently airs at all times everyday on AMC for the foreseeable future.


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